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Spin Mop Bucket


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Spin Mop Bucket: Telescopic handle and spinning basket is made of durable stainless which makes the spin wringing more effective, Will not rust, Durable.

Microfiber Mop Heads: Soft, Super absorbent, Reusable and machine washable. Deep cleaning floors quickly and effectively, Will not scratch floor surfaces.

Mop Bucket System: Has a soap dispenser which, Provides for thorough cleaning. It has two wheels, A pulling handle, and a carrying handle, It makes the work a lot easier.

Mop bucket system is perfect for cleaning all types of floors, Including laminate, Hardwood, Tile.

Spin Mop Bucket Configuration: Stainless steel dewatering basket, Stainless steel handle, Stainless steel mop disc, 2 microfiber mop Head. LEMNUY 12 months limited warranty.

Product description

.Mop bucket has two wheels, The pull handle makes it easy to move from room to room.

.Drain plug is super handy, Hand never have to touch the dirty water. The mop handle is adjustable, for many different heights.

Features and Benefits:

1.Ideal for cleaning hard surfaces like marble, Tile, Laminate, Vinyl, Hardwood Floors, Windows, and more.

2.Use wet for cleaning stains or dry for dusting.

3.Mop head can be changed within seconds. Machine washable. Keeps your hands out of dirty water.

4.Rinsing is easy, Just dip the mop head into the bucket, With just a few pushes, It quickly cleans and spins dry!.

5. Manual press system spin mop. Simply press the mop handle a few times, and it automatically spins dry the mop!


1x Bucket

1x Stainless Steel Pole

1x Stainless Steel Round Head

2x Microfiber Mop Heads

1x Detergent Spray Bottle

1x Instructions for use

1x Inspection Certificate

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